Digital Marketing
UbbaSoft is a one-stop, full-service digital marketing shop offering complete range of services for businesses seeking online marketing solutions. Our approach towards marketing is always result-oriented and objective-driven.
Social Media Marketing

Advertising online on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is a powerful and interactive way for businesses to connect with clients and prospects. Marketing on social media can fetch phenomenal success for your company if the efforts undertaken are appealing and engaging. UbbaSoft’s social media experts help you develop a social media strategy through which you can build strategic partnerships with prospects along with accomplishing your brand’s marketing objectives.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

By placing clickable ads on top search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) and on the display network, your company will be able to attract relevant web traffic and can convert this traffic into leads and leads into sales if your PPC campaign is managed expertly and strategically. Our PPC experts make data-driven decisions, monitoring your campaign’s performance on a routine basis and continuously improving key PPC metrics (Click-Through-Rate, Conversion Rate, Cost-Per-Conversion, Quality Score, Impression Share, Average Position and Return on Ad Spend). If you hire UbbaSoft for PPC management, our experts will perform the following activities: • Optimize client’s PPC campaign on a weekly basis. • Create captivating, consistent ad messages and site experience, incorporating the most relevant keywords to propel sales. • Develop data-driven, targeted and customized campaigns that prompts web traffic and conversions.

Holistic Retargeting Strategy:

Retargeting enables clients to serve targeted ads to people visiting their website by using a special tracking code. At UbbaSoft we design remarketing campaigns which entice past visitors to come back for more thus, dramatically increasing your conversion rates and ROI, in addition to keeping your brand top-of-mind.

Creative Designing

UbbaSoft is a one-stop shop offering a complete range of design services in the digital arena. We have creative and highly-skilled designers who can develop eye-catching layouts and visually-stunning production designs using typography, imagery, color and form for the following items: • Visual identity: logos, letterhead, business cards • Marketing materials: brochures, flyers, postcards, posters • Magazines, books, catalogs • Product packaging • Presentations • T-shirt designs • Annual reports • Illustrations • Infographics

Search Engine Optimaztion SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves an array of tasks undertaken to improve a website’s visibility (Search Engine Rank) in organic search engine results. The goal of SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic by ensuring that a site ranks higher in relevant search queries. Whilst there are numerous underhanded techniques (unfortunately practiced by majority of SEO agencies), which can improve rankings, they are detrimental to your organization in the long-run as they carry significant risk of being penalized by search engines. On the other hand, UbbaSoft provides white label SEO, focusing on improving your relevance (appropriate content) and building your authority (measure of your site’s trustworthiness, achieved through quality link-building, solid UI metrics, etc.).

Digital Consultancy

Ubba’s aspiring marketers and strategic management experts believe that understanding a business’s ‘marketing ecosystem’ is a prerequisite for any effective effort online. When choosing a particular online advertising medium, companies should first focus on their digital marketing strategy. Without a digital strategy, you will be spending your precious revenues in marketing and will be unable to achieve desired outcomes for your brand. If you avail our consultancy services, our team of experts will help you devise a digital strategy, keeping in mind vital components of your company and latest industry trends, thereby suggesting measures which are both growth-oriented and result-driven. UbbaSoft’s digital marketing experts perform the following steps when providing consultancy services to our clients: • Holistic overview of the industry your business operates in. • Identifying the marketing channels prevalent in the industry and pursued by industry-leaders. • Identifying the ideal target audience for your business, taking into consideration the following factors; your marketing goals, budget constraints, etc., etc. • Segmentation of your audience into different niche markets. • Analyzing your Unique-Selling-Points (USPs) and competitive advantage. • Developing online campaigns for each segment taking into account your USPs and your competitive edge. • Monitoring the deployed online campaigns on a periodic basis and optimizing them as per need.

Content Marketing

Effective content marketing means creating engaging and valuable text in order to attract and influence a clearly defined audience. Articles, ad copies, blogs, case studies, emails, infographics, product descriptions, press releases, social media posts and white papers are examples of content marketing which you can use to connect with and impress your audience. Our content writers are knowledgeable and have exceptional research and writing skills. Our writers are specialists in the following aspects of content marketing: • Creating content that engages, mesmerizes and influences readers. • Developing purpose-driven and specialized content. • Producing premier trade publications for a given industry. • Understanding the target audience and generating content the particular audience needs and wants. • Ability to connect with readers by incorporating their perspective and writing value-focused, empathetic and customized content

Blog Writing Service

A blog, hosted on your website can help you share vital aspects of your business with visitors, such as details about your expertise and experience, how your firm is distinguishable from your competitors and much more. Frequently updated, keywords-rich blog posts have the potential to improve your website SEO, increase your web traffic and drive more leads. It can also act as a platform to keep customers updated about latest industrial trends. We provide fresh, unique, thoroughly-researched and well-written blog posts for a very affordable price. Following our the distinguished factors in our blog writing service: • Expert in writing business blogs and niche blogs. • Ability to develop leads-generating and traffic-yielding blog posts. • Capable of providing blog post in different writing styles, e.g. persuasive, story-telling, spell-binding, instructional, informative and comparative. • Each blog post will be 100% original and copyscape approved. • We also offer unlimited revisions to a blog post until you are completely satisfied. • Hassle-free blog writing service; you can become as involved as you like, otherwise our blog management service requires minimum contribution from your end.